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Teen Boy, 14, Shockingly Killed In Apparent Attack By Dogs In MA — Police Investigating

An unfathomable catastrophe struck a community in Massachusetts, as an adolescent kid is dead after he was evidently destroyed to death by pooches. Experts are as yet exploring this frightful passing.

A shocking scene unfurled itself in Dighton, Massachusetts on May 9. Police found the body of a 14-year-old kid – presently anonymous – in the wake of reacting to a 911 call around 8 p.m. ET. The kid was evidently murdered in the wake of being destroyed to death by at any rate one puppy, as indicated by NECN, however the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office affirmed that various puppies were taken into the authority of creature control. It’s misty what kind of breed the canines were. Specialists said they don’t think there was any unfairness included, however an examination is as yet progressing.

The kid’s body was first found by a neighbor, who made the 911 call, and there’s little thought about the unfortunate casualty’s personality aside from that specialists said the youngster is from the neighboring town of Rehoboth, Massachusetts. The proprietor of the property where the kid was discovered, Scott Dunmore, disclosed to Boston 25 correspondent Nicole Oliverio that it is “a totally disastrous circumstance.” The proprietor says he wasn’t home when the supposed assault occurred, and that his solitary concern is “for the teenager’s family.” He couldn’t remark further on the episode because of the examination. At present, there is no more data included, however we’ll refresh this post if any squeezing information becomes exposed.

Around 1,000 U.S. natives require crisis treatment for genuine canine chomp wounds, as per (h/t Forbes.) However, the quantity of deadly pooch assaults is generally low. From 2005 to 2017, as per a report assembled by, canines murdered in any event 433 individuals. Pit bulls executed around 284 of the general population, 66% of all fatalities over that 13-year time frame, in spite of the breed representing only 6.5% of the all out U.S. hound populace. Almost 50% of the complete unfortunate casualties (208) were younger than 9, while the examination reports that 72% (163 of 225) of the pit bulls’ exploited people were beyond 10 years old. Rottweiler was the second-deadliest breed, with 45 fatalities (or 10.4%). Breeds not related with hostility, as Labrador Retriever, made the main 10 list.

Our contemplations are with the group of the unfortunate casualty amid their season of misfortune.