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‘The Challenge’ Trailer: Jenna & Zach Get In Explosive Fight, Kailah Makes Out With Bear & More

Another trailer for ‘The Challenge: Total Madness’ is here! In the three-minute sneak look, Jenna and Zach’s relationship endures a merciless shot. Additionally, the main film of Kailah and Bear’s hookup and then some!

Things are going to get CRAZY on The Challenge: Total Madness! MTV discharged another trailer for the up and coming season on March 18, and it’s jam-stuffed with three minutes of new film. Two scenes that hung out specifically included Challenge vets, Jenna Compono and Kailah Casillas. Jenna is on this season without her long-lasting beau (and individual Challenge star), Zach Nichols. The trailer shows the two video talking, and things get warmed. “You’re the individual I need to be with — totally!” Jenna demands, to which Zach reacts, “I don’t trust it! I don’t trust it since all that you’ve at any point let me know has been an untruth!”

At that, Jenna almost separates in tears and looks overly vanquished. She gets an embrace from an individual cast part after the video bring is finished, and out of sight, TJ Lavin can be heard asking, “You need to stop, Jenna?” It’s hazy what prompted this dangerous to and fro among Jenna and Zach, and we’ll need to hold up until the demonstrate pretense to see whether she chooses to leave the game! Obviously, devotees of The Challenge realize that Jenna and Zach got occupied with December 2019, and are cheerfully still together, so plainly, they’re ready to work out these issues.

In the interim, another buzz=worthy minute is among Kailah and women’s man, Stephen Bear. Kailah is seen straddling Bear on a love seat as they kiss. Be that as it may, it would appear that things rapidly self-destruct between these two, as another scene shows Kailah shouting, “You’re a fboy! What’s more, I demolished a relationship for someone who doesn’t give a f about me!” Kailah was in a longterm relationship with her sweetheart, Mikey P, when she went on The Challenge.

Fans found out about something occurring among Kailah and Bear in Nov. 2019 when she sprung up in a portion of his Instagram recordings. Gossipy tidbits started twirling that she had gone behind Mikey’s back with Bear while shooting Total Madness, and it would seem that we’ll unquestionably be finding a few solutions this season!

There’s PLENTY of more that goes down in the trailer other than this, however — so look at it above! The Challenge: Total Madness debuts on Wed. April 1 at 8:00 p.m. on MTV.