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‘The Goldbergs’ Preview: Beverly & Adam Are Forced To Perform Pee-Wee’s Iconic ‘Tequila’ Dance

Beverly and Adam are searching for his new bicycle and run into Johnny Atkins right now of ‘The Goldbergs.’ Johnny has some data, however he won’t surrender it no problem at all.

Beverly and Adam are on a mission to discover the bicycle that she got him that seems as though Pee-Wee Herman’s incredible bike right now of the March 23 scene of The Goldbergs. They go over Johnny Atkins and he concedes that the bike looks “well-known.” Adam requests to know where his bicycle is. “I’m slanted to assist you with finding your Pee-Wee bicycle, however I’m going to require some help first,” Johnny tells Adam. Gracious, kid. This ought to be acceptable.

What does Johnny need? He needs Adam to do Pee-Wee’s move to The Champs tune “Tequila” from the film, obviously. Adam won’t however Johnny isn’t taking no for an answer. He additionally needs Adam’s “saucy mother” to do it too. “We’re not moving for you,” Adam says. Beverly rings in, “Please, it’ll be fun, darling. Hello, look, I’m now on the outdoor table.” Beverly’s good to go!

Johnny focuses on that Adam needs to move or he’s not getting the bicycle. Adam understands that must choose between limited options. Adam and Beverly play out the “Tequila” move before Johnny and it’s amazing. Discussion about a famous mother-child couple! At the point when it’s finished, Beverly reveals to Johnny she had “so much enjoyment.” She’s prepared to move to “When A Man Loves A Woman” next. “No more mother-child moving,” Adam says.

The summary for the March 25 scene peruses: “Mother and child have a holding experience when Beverly purchases a bike for Adam simply like the one from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, while Barry and Erica transform Murray’s furniture store into a night-time relax for understudies.” The Goldbergs season 7 show Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.