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‘The Masked Singer’s Milkshake Uncovered As NFL Player: How The Show Gave Him ‘Certainty’ (Selective)

Alongside Walrus, the personality of Milkshake was likewise uncovered during ’90s Night on ‘The Masked Singer.’

After a Fight Royale with the Sheep during ’90s Night on The Masked Singer, Milkshake was exposed. NFL player Le’Veon Bell was behind Milkshake and played out an energizing version of Sir Mix-A-Lot‘s hit “Hop On It.” TheMagazineCity spoke Solely with the Le’Veon about taking on such a notorious tune.

“I knew the melody. This is something where you know the tune, however you don’t really know the words. So I was learning the words, and I didn’t understand the amount Sir Blend A-Ton was really rapping,” Le’Veon said. “I’m like, darn, I really don’t have a clue about these words. And afterward I realized I needed to perform and needed to figure out how to move simultaneously. I was rehearsing like there’s no tomorrow. I was simply rehearsing the words again and again. I would have rather not reached the place where I’m performing and need to contemplate the words while I’m moving. I simply needed it to sort of worked out easily. I gave my all in such a brief timeframe.”

A lot of names were thrown around before Le’Veon’s uncover, including LL Cool J and T.I. “I felt better about that. It gave me more certainty. It congratulated me,” the football player said about the specialists figuring he could be a rapper.

Le’Veon’s excursion with music is nowhere near finished. “Presently I will be dealing with my collection. I will be dealing with my collection until the end of the year,” Le’Veon told TheMagazineCity. “I’m anticipating dropping my collection right off the bat in 2023 around my birthday in February. The present moment it’s truly collection mode. I’m simply crushing in the studio.”

The 30-year-old delivered a mixtape back in 2019. Amidst a football and boxing profession, Le’Veon generally had a partiality for music. “I’m really energetic about music. That is the reason Veiled Vocalist was something major for me since I feel like it was a road to show individuals how enthusiastic I am about it,” he said. The Concealed Artist airs Wednesdays on FOX.