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Travis Scott ‘Wants To Marry’ Kylie Jenner: He’d Be ‘Heartbroken’ If She Left After Cheating Rumors

Travis Scott is still so infatuated with Kylie Jenner notwithstanding the announced inconveniences in their relationship, and he’s trusting he can spend whatever remains of his existence with her.

Travis Scott, 27, and his association with Kylie Jenner, 21, has allegedly been on the stones, yet the rapper, who is right now on visit, is as yet holding out expectation that they will finish up together and raise their one-year-old little girl, Stormi, as a wedded couple later on. “Travis feels more enamored with Kylie than any time in recent memory,” a source near Travis EXCLUSIVELY told TheMagazineCity. “Being out and about, far from Kylie and Stormi resembles torment for him. He isn’t flawless yet feels he has been submitted and faithful to Kylie since they originally kissed. Travis needs to wed Kylie and would be sorrowful on the off chance that she chose to abandon him.”

Despite the fact that Travis and Kylie purportedly began experiencing difficulty after the cosmetics tycoon supposedly thought he was undermining her, the “SICKO MODE” maker isn’t stressing excessively, in light of the fact that he’s doing all that he can to make his family a need. “Travis has little dread that things may not work out with Kylie and that he may lose her eternity,” the source proceeded. “On the off chance that things do finish for them, it won’t be from absence of exertion on Travis’ part. He is doing his best to remain associated with Kylie and Stormi while he is out and about and doing all that he can to make things work.”

“At the point when Travis is out and about, he cherishes remaining associated with Kylie,” the source clarified. “He attempts to FaceTime with Stormi day by day as well and he checks in with Kylie consistently before hitting the sack. Kylie and their little family help him stay grounded. He even sends them endowments from wherever he is out and about, to tell them he misses them. He booked heaps of a break amid his visit, including quite a bit of April, so he could return home and invest energy with Kylie and Stormi as well.”