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Tristan Thompson’s Teammates Think He’s ‘Crazy’ For Dating Khloe — It’s Just ‘Non-Stop Drama’

Despite the fact that it would appear that Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are rescuing their relationship, his colleagues aren’t precisely excited! Truth be told, TMC discovered solely why the Cavs believe she’s a ‘diversion!’

Indeed, even before conning affirmations started to torment Tristan Thompson, 27, his life was at that point getting quite emotional while dating Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Khloe Kardashian, 33. And keeping in mind that not every person has confidence in the scandalous “Kardashian revile,” obviously Tristan’s Cleveland Cavaliers colleagues do! Not just has Khloe been a “diversion” for the NBA star, yet his companions don’t think they’ll rearward over the long haul — so for what reason not cut it off at this point? Ouch!

“Tristan’s colleagues believe he’s insane for remaining with Khloe,” a source near Tristan imparted to TheMagazineCity.com EXCLUSIVELY. “Everybody believes she’s a super cool chick, however it’s simply non– stop show. Being with an unscripted television star is only a diversion, and everything Tristan does is put under a spotlight and broke down — that makes for a considerable measure of undesirable weight.” There’s no doubt dating somebody as popular as a Kardashian can be a test, yet clearly that is by all account not the only reason Tristan’s kindred ball players figure he should cut it off.

The way that ladies continually toss themselves at Tristan assumes a part in his partners not seeing a future for him and Khloe. “Tristan can have his pick of hot young ladies — ladies are truly tossing themselves at him,” our insider clarified. “No one supposes it will work out well with Khloe.” Hmm, once a con artist dependably a miscreant? In any case, fans were stunned to see Khloe and Tristan rejoin out in the open as a couple this previous end of the week. In the event that anybody ought to be dong the separating, Khloe fans figure it ought to be HER! All things considered, Tristan is the person who deceived while she was pregnant.

Regardless, the two were spotted having an awesome time together on May 4 while out to lunch with companions at the Town Hall eatery in Cleveland. They even had all the earmarks of being chuckling and grinning together in a video got by TMZ. Only one day later, on May 5, Khloe shockingly appeared to a Cavs amusement to help Tristan in the NBA playoffs — her first time at a diversion since his deceiving was uncovered.

“Khloe has decided to remain by her man and assume the best about Tristan, so she’s compelling herself to bear on as though it’s the same old thing,” another inside let us know EXCLUSIVELY at the time. “… She hasn’t done anything incorrectly so she didn’t perceive any reason why she should conceal herself away.”