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Victoria Larson: 5 Things To Know About The Woman Who’s Stirring Up Trouble On ‘The Bachelor’

Subsequent to arising as this present season’s ‘scoundrel’ during ‘The Bachelor’ debut, Victoria Larson will keep on bringing the dramatization during the show’s Jan. 11 scene.

On each period of The Bachelor, there’s consistently one lady who rubs a significant number of different women the incorrect route as it so happens. For season 25, that lady is Victoria Larson, who showed up to meet Matt James with a crown on her head during the show’s Jan. 4 debut. She at that point continued to take up a lot of Matt’s time during the primary mixed drink party, while a few ladies got nobody on-one time by any means.

Victoria will keep on being at the focal point of the dramatization during the show’s Jan. 11 scene, as well. A public statement for the scene uncovers that she’ll be especially desirous of Matt’s one-on-one date with another competitor, Bri Springs. In light of what we’ve seen from Victoria up until now, we can anticipate that her should be vocal about her emotions — great and terrible — on the show. Here’s additional to think about the 27-year-old:

Victoria Larson’s promo photo for season 25 of ‘The Bachelor.’ (ABC)

1.) She runs her own magnificence organization. Victoria is the proprietor of Victoria Larson Beauty, which is highlighted on her Instagram account ‘JetSetGlo’, for her shower tanning administrations. The site for Victoria Larson Beauty sells certain magnificence items, while additionally giving training meetings and different designs for eats less carbs and detoxes. There’s likewise a blog for Victoria to share her excellence and diet schedules. Despite the fact that Victoria is obviously a business visionary, she records her work title as a ‘Sovereign’ on her ABC bio.

2.) Where did she set off for college? Victoria presently lives in Los Angeles, yet she set off for college at Florida State University. She at that point went to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition through New York University. Bri is likewise a confirmed pilates teacher.

3.) She is fixated on her canine. Victoria has a Goldendoodle canine named Cocoa who she calls the “light of [her] life.” Her Instagram bio even tries to bring up that she is ‘Cocoa’s Mom.” obviously, the canine is included a lot on her online media page.

Matt James spends time with Victoria Larson on a one-on-one date. (ABC)

4.) She’s battled with habit. In 2019, Victoria went for the Miss California exhibition. In an Instagram post, she opened up about what she needed to utilize her foundation for after the show, which is the place where she uncovered her enslavement battles. “I am so energized for Miss California USA and my foundation of campaigning for stricter drug laws subsequent to battling with Adderall enslavement in my life,” Victoria clarified.

5.) She once functioned as an airline steward. In Dec. 2018, Victoria transferred a photograph of herself functioning as an airline steward on a private plane. She wore a blue airline steward uniform and subtitled the pic, “Up, Up and Away,” alongside the hashtags #privatejet #flightattendant #work and #travel.