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Chrissy Teigen Rocks New Hot Pink Wig For Sexy Hair Makeover: See Before & After Pics

Chrissy Teigen chose to go pink for a day, first wearing midriff length pink hairpiece for a cooking meeting at that point changing into a similar air pocket gum tone in a long bounce.

Think pink! Chrissy Teigen was about the shading pink — just as a lot of individual life sharing — through her Instagram stories on Feb. 11. She began the day in a pastel pink fluffy sweater while wearing her characteristic long brunette hair with blonde features in a free bun on her head. As she approached her day of getting sorted out her book and plate assortments, the 35-year-old chose to switch up her look. During the evening, she wore an abdomen length straight air pocket gum pink hairpiece to coordinate her sweater.

Chrissy made no notice of her new look, as she was excessively bustling imparting to fans through her IG stories that she found a $10 DIY nachos unit with the entirety of the key fixings. She was seen heaping additional cheddar upon her bite while on a cooking plate when the long pink hairpiece made it’s introduction on her head with no clarification.

“What? Nachos!” Chrissy enthusiastically shouted in a frontal shot with the hairpiece, while opening her stove to show her delectable treat cooking inside. Notwithstanding the hairpiece and pink sweater, the mother of two shook some Daisy Duke cutoff jean shorts that flaunted her long model legs, and a couple of cream mid-calf calfskin boots. “Today is nacho day!” she energetically sang in the kitchen.

Next Chrissy showed up in another pink hairpiece, yet this time it was far more limited as a long sway with a middle part. She wound up adding some sticker face precious stones over her eyes for some radiance, as she gazed into the camera respecting herself. At a certain point she noisily asked, “Is this to an extreme? What is new with today?”

The web-based media sovereign was relaxing because of sharing every last bit of her day — regardless of how minute — with her fans. At a certain point she shook the hairpiece and precious stones broadcasting, “That is a wrap. That is a wrap on the three o’clock hour,” as her TV could be heard out of sight. Chrissy’s four-year-old little girl Luna at that point stayed with her mother on the couch and brought a “unique visitor”: a doll with pink hair to coordinate Chrissy’s!

Chrissy Teigen seen with her natural brunette locks. Photo credit: SplashNews.

That appeared to be the finish of Chrissy’s few hours of pink hair, as she proceeded onward to aiding spouse John Legend, 42, and their two-year-old child Miles race vehicles down the side of a flight of stairs into an enormous dim cooking pot loaded up with water. Chrissy finished her difficult day of IG stories recordings late at night, indicating John playing his excellent piano and murmuring a tune inside their lounge as Chrissy shot him from across the room on a couch. With everything taken into account, it resembled a decent day for the cookware goddess. Also, she’s been requiring those of late.

Chrissy has been going through a crazy ride of feelings, as a week ago she uncovered that her child Jack — who she lost in late Sept. 2020 while five months pregnant — would have been expected. On Feb. 4 she shared a post highlighting stills from her family’s late spring 2020 get-away to Mexico, where John shot the music video for “Wild,” which revealed Chrissy’s unexpected pregnancy toward the end.

“These are from our video go for Wild in Mexico. I was 10 weeks along and insane cheerful. I realized the video would take a piece to get together so figured it is adorable to impart our news to the world through the ol exemplary hand on tummy stunt toward the end. I might have never envisioned what might occur over the course of the following 10 weeks… ” she wrote in the inscription of the post.

“Not certain I’ll actually have the option to watch that video again without crying however I trust he feels my tears and realizes we miss him so. He would have been here any day now – in the event that he resembled Luna and Miles, I’d most likely be holding him right now. I’m so loaded with lament that I didn’t see his face when he was conceived. I was so frightened of seeing him in my bad dreams that I disregarded seeing him in my fantasies. I hurt each day from that regret,” Chrissy proceeded in the appalling post.

“This month is a harsh update and to be straightforward, I thought the most exceedingly awful was finished however I surmise life and feelings aren’t on such a timetable. Adore you all and am appreciative for all your help and love. I solidly accept energy and recuperating goes during that time sky and I feel it, I guarantee I do. furthermore, I love you jack. I miss you not really good or bad much,” she finished up. Ideally a day of playing with pink hairpieces, making nachos, sharing doll time with her girl and watching her darling spouse race toy vehicles with their child was sufficient to present to Chrissy some euphoria.