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Dove Cameron Ditches Iconic Platinum Hair For A Shocking Pink — See Wild Hair Makeover

Lovely in pink! Dove Cameron flaunted a stunning hair makeover on Insta on Jan. 4. Snap to see her new look!

New year, new you! That is clearly the outlook of Dove Cameron, 21, who just flaunted a neon pink hair makeover on Instagram! She composed on January 4, “rabin characterizes a Manic Pixie Dream Girl as a character who “exists exclusively in the fevered creative abilities of delicate author executives to educate broodingly heartfelt young fellows to grasp life and its vast puzzles and undertakings”.” Hmm, this unquestionably seems like another character she is going to depict! We can hardly wait to hear more!

She posted two photographs, and since her foundations and hairline are not unmistakable in the pics, I’m inclining towards deduction this hair makeover is only a wig. Be that as it may, she looks so cool and fun with bubblegum pink hair! She flaunted the look while wearing a white tank, secured by a jean coat. Super attractive and a good time for 2018!

Pigeon isn’t the main star shaking pink hair at this moment. Hailey Baldwin just flaunted her pink strands while commending the New Year in Miami, and Blac Chyna flaunted pink hair on Instagram on January 3. Blac’s as of now blonde again however — ;).

TheMagazineCityrs, do you adore Dove Cameron with pink hair?